Csmart 5 Released

Csmart Release 5 is finally done! Please click the download link to download and install the update

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the patch by clicking on the link above.
  2. Important! – Unzip the file in a folder other than your Csmart Installation Directory
  3. Double Click on Csmart5-Update Patch.exe
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. In case of any doubts, please don’t hesitate to call us on the numbers listed here: http://www.csmart.co.in/contact.html


Please read the below carefully to understand all the changes that have been made to Csmart as a part of this release:

This release of Csmart is all about Shares. We re-worked everything regarding shares in Csmart to make life easy.

  • Import Shareholder Data and Share Transactions have both been changed to make working on Shareholder data a breeze in Csmart.
    • Share Transactions look and feel more like the Member Registers that you are so used to.
    • You can now edit all aspects of Share Transactions easily. Have you made a transfer incorrectly, edit the transfer and modify it any number of times.
    • Import Shareholder Data has been enhanced to allow you to import Consolidation/Subdivision and Redemption.
    • If you haven’t seen the video already, please watch the same here.


      blog image

  • You will never have to click and generate Registers. All Shareholding registers will be automatically updated, even if you forget to click and generate them.
  • Form 2 and Form 5 handling has been improved to manage Share Certificates and Registers better.
  • Master Data now shows all Members (Open and closed Folios). You can also view Share Certificates that have been cancelled in Master Data.
  • Generate Director Register directly in Master Data.

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