Release 2.0050

We are excited to announce another release for Csmart. Please find the details as below:

1. Form 23AC/Form 23ACA Changes as per changing forms in MCA21

MCA21 released new versions of E-form 23AC and ACA recently. We have updated Csmart to keep up with MCA21.

In the upgraded version of our software, you can directly fill in the new Form 23AC and ACA (instead of filling up the Excel template) and generate notice, Board report, AGM minutes, Board minutes, Auditor’s report, Auditor’s appointment letter and Form DD-A.

Based on the financial year start date that you provide, Csmart will automatically populate the previous year’s data in the appropriate Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account table.

Csmart will update the Financial Details in Master Data as usual.

Financial Details Changes

2. Annual return Bug fix where the director information was populated incorrectly

We had a bug in Csmart where the Director information on Annexure 1 was populated incorrectly. The directors who had resigned previously were also displayed in the Annexure. This has now been fixed.

3. Bug in the Update Member Details in Master data

We had a bug in the Update Member Details page, where if the shareholder was a body corporate it was still asking you to enter the Father’s name. Also, the state was asked for a foreign country. This has now been fixed.


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